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“Building Resilience and Relationship through Dialogue” with Raye Rawls

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“You look for openings in their ideology to plant seeds of deradicalization.”

Discover reflective structured dialogue, an extraordinary tool for deepening our understanding of other’s perspectives, rather than solving problems. Duncan and Raye Rawls talk about how this process, created by Essential Partners, can humanize our enemies and bring us together. In contrast, Raye raises concerns that our current tools for healing differences, are actually pushing us further apart. In particular, Raye discusses what we’re missing in the “privilege walk” and why how it’s unfortunate that the slogan, “defund the police” doesn’t represent what the concept actually means.

You’ll also hear a great story from Raye where she highlights how we can become blinded to consequences and reason when we let fear rule us.

Raye asks how we can create spaces to connect across our differences, deepen our mutual understanding, discover the deep meaning beneath our actions and strengthen our democracy. Let’s discover the answer.

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  • Ryan explains what ideology truly is and describes meta-ideology.
  • Learn about the worrying challenges we face within our political culture.
  • Understand the importance of personal ideological awareness.
  • Discover illuminating questions you can ask someone about their ideology.
  • Ryan talks about how he connects with people who hold extremist beliefs.
  • Recognize the benefits of understanding someone’s point of view for cultivating relationships.
  • Learn how core values and boundary judgments shape our perceptions.
  • Ryan talks about deradicalizing extremists; his method can level up your relationships.
  • Discover argument strategies like “straw man” and “steel man” and how to debate effectively.
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Ryan Nakade

About this episode’s guest

Ryan Nakade is the co-founder of the podcast Meta-Ideological Politics, catalyzing transformative civic engagement. He leads workshops teaching communication and dialogue skills, emphasizing political depolarization and conflict prevention. He also works with violent extremists, employing unique deradicalization techniques. Ryan teaches diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workshops with a complexity theory perspective.

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Guest Resources

Wise Democracy Project

The Wise Democracy Project exists to help us envision and co-create a deeply participatory culture that generates policies and activities that support the longterm quality of life.

Wise Democracy’s Prime Directive:

we seek to evoke and engage
the wisdom and resourcefulness of the whole
on behalf of the whole.

The Declaration of Interdependence

E Pluribus Unum…

We’re not all the same, but we are a family.
We don’t always agree, but we are not at war.

From many, we are one, not in a melting pot, but a complex social fabric.
In the spirit of caring, connection, and creation we embrace four principles:

  1. No Enemies – We work through our conflicts to find solutions.
  2. No Denial – We face facts, discuss our differences, and resolve them.
  3. No Excuses – We each do our part – every citizen, leader, and business.
  4. No Delay – We each take action together, now.

We are all in this together.
Our differences are part of us.
Together, we are whole.

E Pluribus Unum…

We are all in this together.
Our differences are part of us.
Together, we are whole.

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What is Your Worldview?

Take this 7 minute test and find out which “values frame” describes you best

By answering these 17 questions you may learn more about your own worldview, as well as about the worldviews of others. Your answers will indicate which of the four major cultural worldviews (defined below) describes you best, as well as the worldview to which you are most opposed.

Omni-Win Resources


Book Cover: Evolutionaries

Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea

by: Carter Phipps

In this groundbreaking book, Phipps introduces a movement of visionary scientists, philosophers, and spiritual thinkers who are quietly forging this new understanding of evolution. Their contribution, he posits, may one day be seen as equaling the Western Enlightenment in its dramatic, culture-changing power. He calls them “Evolutionaries,” and his book provides the first popular guide to these exciting minds who are illuminating the secrets of our past and expanding the vistas of our future.

Book Cover: Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership: Elevating Humanity Through Business

by: Carter Phipps

Carter Phipps teams up with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey and his Institute for Cultural Evolution cofounder Steve McIntosh for this follow-up to the bestselling Conscious Capitalism.

Each chapter of Conscious Leadership challenges readers to rethink conventional business wisdom through anecdotes, case studies, profiles of conscious leaders, and innovative techniques for self-development, culminating in an empowering call to action for entrepreneurs and trailblazers—to step up as leaders who see beyond the bottom line.


Thinking Ahead Podcast

Carter’s podcast, Thinking Ahead, is a show that explores the movements, trends, people, and ideas that are shaping the future. Through in-depth interviews and occasional rants and reflections, the show explores the many subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways that the world is changing and developing across a vast array of domains—from business and politics to science and technology to consciousness and spirituality.

Here are some episodes that relate to our conversation:

Podcast Cover: Thinking Ahead with Carter Phipps


Here are some essays and videos from the Omni-Win Project about topics we discussed in the video.

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Questions to Open Dialogue

Round One

Please share a story from your life that would help others understand what impact the issue of ____________ has had on you and how it has affected you.

Questions to Open Dialogue

Round Two

What is at the heart of the matter for you? (Your values, hopes, fears and assumptions at the center of your conviction).

Questions to Open Dialogue

Round One

Please share a story from your life that would help others understand what impact the issue of ____________ has had on you and how it has affected you.

Questions to Open Dialogue

Round Two

What is at the heart of the matter for you? (Your values, hopes, fears and assumptions at the center of your conviction).

Topics Discussed in Episode

Helping us figure out how we can move away from toxic polarization to by complexifying issues.

Omni-Win Project Essays

Omni-Win Project Video

Impact of Social Media on Conflict

How Racism Affects Everyone

The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together” by Heather McGhee is an example of need to ask people what they really want regarding policy making.

Listen to Heather McGhee on The Ezra Klein Show: What ‘Drained-Pool’ Politics Costs America

Listen to Heather McGhee’s new podcast The Sum of Us where she embarks on a road trip across Covid-era America, unearthing stories of American solidarity and hope in a time of great division and peril for our democracy.

Accidental Courtesy – Daryl Davis documentary

Accidental Courtesy is a documentary about Daryl Davis, a black musician with an “unusual, controversial hobby: trying to befriend members of KKK, many of whom never met a black person.”

Watch on PBS

Developmental Politics

Pareto Principle

Also known as the 80/20 rule…

More generally, the Pareto Principle is the observation (not law) that most things in life are not distributed evenly. It can mean all of the following things:

  • 20% of the input creates 80% of the result
  • 20% of the workers produce 80% of the result
  • 20% of the customers create 80% of the revenue
  • 20% of the bugs cause 80% of the crashes
  • 20% of the features cause 80% of the usage
  • And on and on…

(Source: Better Explained)


Game Theory

Nicky Case is a brilliant animator. Her interactive video The Evolution of Trust is not only the best primer I know about Game Theory, but I also reveals the inherent logic of not having trust.

Polarity Management

About The Omni-Win Project

The Omni-Win Project is a multimedia effort to raise awareness of the myriad existing and emergent opportunities to improve our democracy and heal our political culture.

Our mission: facilitating the healing and evolution of our democratic systems and political culture, so that we can co-create a future that works for everyone.

Meet The Host

I am omnipartial: I am biased in favor of the success of everyone and the whole. I believe it is possible to improve systems of communication and interaction in ways that will allow humanity to thrive and evolve through our complexity and diversity.

My purpose in life is to support an omnipartial revolution. How? By helping the world understand the fractal nature of conflict and how we can transform conflict into a positive and inspiring experience. We are all in this together. I firmly believe we can do this complex dance through life with much more grace and beauty.

I am specifically committed to transforming how we work together in teams and organizations and how we experience conflict and collaboration in our democracy.

Fractal Friends

Duncan is also the host of the Fractal Friends podcast. An exploration of our self-similary across our diversity.

Fans of the Omni-Win project podcast will enjoy this collection of episodes: https://www.fractalfriends.us/transforming-politics about Transforming Politics and Healing Democracy

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