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Are you ready to transcend polarization and ensure thoughtful citizen participation in our political decision-making process? Democracy is struggling, but we already have the tools to make things better.

Join conflict transformation catalyst Duncan Autrey as he reveals the skills and wisdom available to help us co-create the future of democracy. Listen to interviews and talks featuring the many people and concepts ready to help us move forward, including: conflict mediators, dialogue facilitators, philosophers, sensemakers, advocates for structural reform and guides for personal healing.

The OWP podcast is available in both audio and video formats.

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“Honoring Dignity & Leading in Polarization”

by David Brubaker

“Uniting Fractured Communities Through Dialogue” with

by Kathleen Oweegon

Our Media & Politicians Prevent Us From Lasting Change

by Heidi & Guy Burgess

“The Two-Party System is Failing Us” with Benjamin Life

“A Breakthrough for Preventing Society’s Collapse” with Jim Rough

"Efficient Collaboration Through Convergent Facilitation" with Paul Kahawatte

"Liberating our Capacity for Thinking and Collaboration" with Jordan Hall

"How Can We Make Dialogue More Attractive And Accessible?" Thinking Together with Olga Liapis-Muzzy

“Shaping the Future with Conscious Cultural Evolution” with Carter Phipps

"Overcoming Political and Media Manipulation Together" with Bill Shireman

"Reclaiming Our Power with Nonviolence" with Miki Kashtan

''Why We Need A Wiser Democracy Now'' with Tom Atlee

“Building Resilience and Relationship through Dialogue” with Raye Rawls

“Combating Polarization and Extremism with Meta-Ideological Politics” with Ryan Nakade (Part 2/2)

“Why Ideology Is Not the Problem” with Ryan Nakade (Part 1/2)

Transforming Democracy with Kenneth Cloke (Part 2 of 2)

Rethinking Democracy with Kenneth Cloke (Part 1 of 2)

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