Our Impact


A Few Examples of DPACE’s Impact


  • Facilitated difficult dialogues with stakeholders of a newly formed organization that addresses racial and environmental injustice and the impacts of climate change through conflict assessment, mediation, and strategic redesign.
  • Mediated disputes, training local leaders in conflict resolution, and supporting local peace builders and religious leaders living in the midst of war and genocide in trauma and its effects on individuals, communities, and the peace process.
  • Resourced rural community social justice activists in areas such as difficult dialogues and conflict engagement skills focused on issues of violent extremism and community polarization.


  • Designed and implemented statewide structured, reflective, and transformative dialogues with environmental justice movements, public policy makers, labor, and multi-sector stakeholder related to issues of climate change and policy implementation.
  • Worked with international teams of conflict consultants to assess internal and external conflicts, mediate interpersonal disputes, design and facilitate difficult dialogues between environmental activists and regional environmental groups.


  • Provided mediation, training, dialogue, and conflict coaching to a nationwide movement of thousands of volunteer-led local groups that engage in advocacy and electoral work at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Brought together statewide political leaders to address difficulties that have emerged around issues of equity and inclusion, mediate internal and external disputes, and design new ways of political engagement and advocacy.
  • Facilitated meetings of statewide political leaders during a critical time in the electoral process.

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