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It’s time to upgrade our democracy. If you’re fed up with the status quo and want to catalyze political and societal change, you’re in the right place. The Omni-Win Project Podcast is ready to shed light on the many opportunities we have to revolutionize our political culture. We’re all in this together, so join us in co-creating the future of democracy. 

“I wish people knew how critical it was to pay attention to the things they care about most.”

Duncan welcomes Jordan Hall to the show, where they discuss the vision of an anti-rivalrous Game B civilization within the boundaries of reality. 

Get ready to understand why self-forgiveness and healing are a vital part of a better future, and the importance of understanding your values. Knowing what is and isn’t possible can be incredibly empowering, and Jordan explains the difference between imaginal and imaginary. 

Duncan and Jordan talk about the challenges we’re facing right now, and the clock is ticking. “Rome will not be unmade in a day.” We all need to pull together to fix multigenerational issues, and we can’t do it alone. Are you prepared to build an omni-win future with us? 

Episode Highlights:

  • Jordan talks about the importance of knowing and pursuing what is meaningful to you.
  • Discover how our socio-institutional frameworks affect the world around us.
  • Uncover why identifying the limits of possibilities can be incredibly empowering.
  • Duncan and Jordan discuss why the rules of our current Game A civilization will lead to catastrophe and what it will take to create a sustainable Game B reality
  • Understand why authenticity and self-forgiveness are vital to creating our future.
  • Learn the difference between the imaginal and the imaginary.
  • Jordan and Duncan ponder how we might bring our extraordinarily capacity for collaboration to scale.
  • Jordan talks about how we need to realize that we act as an egregore, not as individuals.

About the episode’s guest: 

Jordan Hall is the co-founder and executive chair of Neurohacker Collective, a groundbreaking supplements company based on complex systems science. Jordan is a person who is endeavoring to support the emergence of a possible, maybe plausible but definitely necessary transition in the culture of  humanity. This effort is something that he cultivates in himself, in his relationships and in the world around him. 

He is one of the originators of the idea of Game B, an infinite civilizational game where the goal is to continue playing. Game B is in contrast to our status quo Game A civilization, which is a finite game where the goal is to win.

Connect with Jordan Hall:

Learn More about Game B at https://www.gamebfilm.org/ or https://www.game-b.org

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