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“Fixing Democracy with Mediation and Conflict Transformation” with Ken Cloke (Part 2/2) 

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“We came within millimeters of losing democracy entirely.”

Do you feel like our democracy represents you and your views? In this episode, Duncan continues his thought-provoking conversation with mediator Ken Cloke, where they discuss the exclusionary nature of our political system.

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Duncan continues his thought-provoking conversation with mediator Ken Cloke in this episode. Our current political system only allows citizens to say yes or no. The problem? Having a binary voting system ignores the nuance. It excludes perspectives, and it disenfranchises voters. 

The more perspectives we have in a situation, the deeper our understanding of the solution. Duncan and Ken discuss the impact of a deliberative decision-making process on our democracy. How can we ensure citizen participation to make sure we all win?

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  • Ken tells us why compromise is not an optimal solution.
  • Understand the challenges of bringing mediation and conflict resolution into politics.
  • Learn the skills for organizing conversations and bringing polarized people together.
  • Find out the metrics Ken will use during the next presidential election.
  • Uncover the most powerful problem-solving organization that’s a huge part of the issue.
  • Discover why conflict and polarization are not negatives.
  • Gain an understanding of why conceding is not the point of negotiation.
  • Find out Ken’s view on finding a solution to the war in Ukraine.
  • Ken and Duncan discuss why people want to harm others and how we can prevent it.
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About this episode’s guest

Ken Cloke is a tireless advocate for bringing the world of conflict resolution and interest-based mediation into the world of our politics and culture to help us create change. He is the author of many books, including Mediating Dangerously, Conflict Revolution, and Politics, Dialogue and the Evolution of Democracy. He’s also the founder of Mediators Beyond Borders International and one of the founding leaders of the Democracy, Politics, and Conflict Engagement Initiative (DPACE).

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In this essay I talk about “omnipartiality.” It is my guiding values system and is a word coined by Ken Cloke in his book Mediating Dangerously.


This video was inspired by the module that I co-wrote with Ken in the  The Conflict Literacy Framework from the DPACE Initiative:

“Understanding the Sources of Social and Political Conflict”

About The Omni-Win Project

The Omni-Win Project is a multimedia effort to raise awareness of the myriad existing and emergent opportunities to improve our democracy and heal our political culture.

Our mission: facilitating the healing and evolution of our democratic systems and political culture, so that we can co-create a future that works for everyone.

Meet The Host

I am omnipartial: I am biased in favor of the success of everyone and the whole. I believe it is possible to improve systems of communication and interaction in ways that will allow humanity to thrive and evolve through our complexity and diversity.

My purpose in life is to support an omnipartial revolution. How? By helping the world understand the fractal nature of conflict and how we can transform conflict into a positive and inspiring experience. We are all in this together. I firmly believe we can do this complex dance through life with much more grace and beauty.

I am specifically committed to transforming how we work together in teams and organizations and how we experience conflict and collaboration in our democracy.

Fractal Friends

Duncan is also the host of the Fractal Friends podcast. An exploration of our self-similary across our diversity.

Fans of the Omni-Win project podcast will enjoy this collection of episodes: https://www.fractalfriends.us/transforming-politics about Transforming Politics and Healing Democracy

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