Offering constructive alternatives to the destructive conflicts that undermine social, environmental, political and community change efforts.

International diversity or earth day and international world culture as a concept of diversity and crowd cooperation symbol as diverse people standing together for the planet earth.

In every democracy, social movements, organizations and communities advocating change arise, and simultaneously become products, producers, and resolvers of conflict. By joining together through thoughtful engagement, their members affirm the positive, creative role that conflicts play in calling attention to injustices, and transforming social, environmental, political and community conflicts at their roots.

Conflict is a fundamental part of social, environmental, political, and community impact spaces, yet they are plagued with their own conflicts, both internal and external. These conflicts are often handled in negative ways that undermine the movements’ aims and values. Our network of conflict practitioners and thought leaders offer an alternative.

Consulting Services

Our network of conflict practitioners offers the following services, working closely with our clients and stakeholders to meet their unique needs and interests.

  • Design and facilitate difficult and transformational dialogues within and between organizations, systems, policy makers, and communities
  • Mediation, negotiation, consensus building, and conflict resolution for leaders and organizations experiencing conflict
  • Conflict assessment for understanding and evaluating existing and historical conflicts within groups and organization
  • Trainings for social change advocates, organizers, community leaders, and conflict engagement practitioners to help build conflict literacy and capacity
  • Conflict coaching for individuals and small groups to better understand and respond to conflict
  • Strategic organizational development, planning and conflict systems design 

Our services have impacts across multiple sectors:

  • Public benefit not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations 
  • Social and environmental organizations, movements, advocates
  • Communities 
  • Political movements, advocates, and organizers
  • Public policy makers advocating for social and environmental change
  • Education and healthcare communities, providers, and systems
  • Social and environmental justice advocacy groups

Are you seeking constructive alternatives to the destructive conflicts that undermine your change efforts?

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For Practitioners

DPACE partners with conflict engagement practitioners who work in social, environmental, political and community impact spaces by supporting them with projects, creating a community of practice, and other resource and learning opportunities. 

Here are some ways to get involved:


The Conflict Literacy Framework is designed for social, environmental, political  and community social changes efforts in order to build conflict literacy and resilience. The framework provides a suite of available conflict related descriptions and resources. Each module includes basic knowledge of a particular subject area as well as tools and approaches for engaging in internal and external conflicts. The aim is to invite users to invest in the realization that conflict literacy can be constructive and generative.

The Journal of Democracy and Peacebuilding is a bi-yearly publication for the international community of conflict engagement practitioners, scholars, scholar practitioners, academics, students, and peacebuilders, with a focus on the interconnection of democracy, conflict and peacebuilding.

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